Second Coming: Awakening The Christ Within

Winner of the 2018 Illumination Bronze Medal Award for Bible Study

Second Coming: Awakening The Christ Within presents the idea that the Second Coming is not only about a Divine Being coming to save us. It is the emergence of The Christ within, as each of us awakens to our own God-given ability to heal ourselves and, thereby, change the world.

Lily explores how, as we learn to make better choices through Love, we awaken to knowing and accepting that each of us is a Beloved Child of God. This Second Coming is a personal experience that offers messages filled with hope for humankind.

Lily sets the stage with her own Spiritual journey, building a bridge between ancient mystical spirituality and a fresh, new, Biblically centered interpretation of the teachings of Jesus. With just a one degree shift in perception, Lily demonstrates how we can move away from fear, encountering instead Love on a whole new level: Love that is expressed by The Spirit of God at work and residing inside each of us.

Come. Open yourself to the possibility that Jesus was preparing us… Calling us to awaken and know that, like him, we are Divine, we are also human and we hold the key.

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