The [baptism] was so beautiful … you could feel the spirit.    –Baby’s grandmother

I have finished reading Second Coming Awakening the Christ Within, and I must say it has enriched a lot of my thoughts about my journey with Jesus.  I am a practicing Catholic, and love being Catholic and the journey it has taken me.  Even though I agree with the Catholic teachings I look for other paths that can enrich me even more, after all, who is one to say that one religion is better then another in leading us towards salvation.  I feel so blessed to have people (like you) brought into my life to give me ideas and perspectives to open my eyes to. This book has taken me deeper into my faith and I am so grateful.     

As I was reading the book, there were several times where I had to stop reading and say WOW, that is exactly how I feel or think, but to afraid to say it out loud…but you DID!  Thank you!  The whole underlying theme of the book is about Love, AMEN, that is what it is all about…no judgments and knowing that all of us have Christ within.  I teach religion classes at my church, and after being inspired by your book I tell the youth that know no matter what they are going through or where they are at in life the Lord is on their side and Love is the only motivating factor he has for us! For he is love and we are made for it! Thank you for adding more peace to my life.          –Jennifer

This wonderful book was like a salve to the wound created by all the bad news in the world today. My husband and I read it together early mornings, savoring a small section daily. It framed my day to “love, accept, and follow Jesus”… It also clarified the conflict created by “People who recite pre-scripted words and claim to be Christian, but are not Christ-like in the world, are not serving in the spirit of Jesus.”

I appreciate the author’s thorough study of this conflict and highly recommend this book to individuals and reading groups or book clubs.       –Alan and Rita W.

I read Second Coming Awakening the Christ Within at a time of personal spiritual confusion and boy did it help! I am one of those “recovering Christians” Ms. Phelps speaks of, having denounced my Christianity due to personal and national events that drove me away. This book helped me reconcile the fact that I really don’t have to identify as “Christian”; instead I can strive to be a loving human being who can take life’s experiences and learn and grow in my compassion toward others, and just as importantly, compassion toward myself. Which, of course, is what Jesus was all about in the first place. A person who taught about Love. A person who lived to show that we are all worthy. I highly recommend this book.            –Nancy

What a life changing book. In a time when we’re running from organized “religion” this author was able to marry beautiful thoughts to words and feelings I’ve had for years and didn’t know how to express them. I’ll also have to say it’s made me think about loving myself which is not something I’m easy with. I see now how essential it is for relationships. I felt as if the author and I were having an intimate conversation. As an ardent Jesus Lover, this book has been a blessing beyond words. I started reading it Friday night and finished it on Saturday afternoon. I plan on reading it again and again. We just can’t get enough Good News like this. God Bless You and Thank You so Very Much!! I will be purchasing for my friends for sure. I also want to Thank My Sweet Sister for gifting me this book. A lot of healing taking place!   –Tymeout

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