Spiritual Services


When you’re ready to take a journey toward wholeness
and experience your true Divine Self …

The basis of my work is a spiritually based form of Conflict Resolution which takes us inside to uncover the places we are stuck, hurting and living in fear. From this place we are shown how to pick up our power and begin the process of healing our lives. We will not need to spend much time talking about other people and the issues and problems “out there.” Instead, we will talk about what’s going on inside you and how you can find the strength to implement the changes you need in order to live a better life.

The destination we seek together is one that supports you in healing unresolved hurts and conflicts, overcoming limiting beliefs and becoming the empowered owner of your unique and priceless relationship with the Divine. This is all about Self Responsibility leading to Self Love and it works! It’s not easy, but together we will walk the path toward healing. Through the teachings of Synergy—regeneration through human will and Divine Grace—a new awareness of a personal relationship with God evolves.

Individual Healing Sessions and/or Spiritual Direction:

As an Interfaith Minister I enjoy the freedom of working with people of all faiths, and even people of no faith. Are you open, curious and willing to explore a deeper path toward spiritual growth and personal wholeness? Would you like to take the first step toward the unconditional love and daily joy that are your birthright? I offer individuals seeking spiritual support, the wisdom and guidance to help you transform your Self, your life and your relationship with the Divine.

 God invites our earnest questions and when we hold the questions, the answers find us.

In the words of the Divine, we heal ourselves and this changes the world:
The goal of this mission is not the healing of the planet
The goal of this mission is the healing of the Self
The by-product is the healing of the planet ®

Let’s learn to live our lives without fear, shame and judgement.
Let’s Learn to Love!

 Group Healing, Workshops and/or Spiritual Direction:

Do you crave the opportunity to participate in loving, supportive, intellectually and spiritually stimulating conversations with fellow seekers? I facilitate conversations and create rituals and experiences that support harmony, love and acceptance of diverse, even disparate, groups of people.

I’ve been called to create connection and offer hope among people who:

  • Seek a deeper sense of connection with Self, others and the Universe/God.
  • Have been hurt by the church/organized religions, other Christians or different interpretations of the Bible.
  • Are interested in a conversation about Jesus without fear, shame or judgement.
  • Are tired of the current climate of conflict, fear and disgust.
  • Desire wholeness and healing for themselves, their relationships, the community and the world.

Spiritual Services – Conversations in-person or via private Facebook Groups – Workshop formats or conversations in the comfort of your home:

  • Wine and Wonder® – Spiritual Conversations in the comfort of your own home – Invite your friends… You bring the wine, I’ll initiate the conversation… Together we will create the Wonder.
  • Book Study based on my book, Second Coming: Awakening The Christ Within and want to dig deeper into its meaning for their lives.
  • Celebrations and Milestone Life Experiences: Baptisms, Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies and Rituals of all kinds, including Death and Birth Rituals. I’m available to lead spiritual services, ceremonies and rituals in church or in your home

“Insight Out” (my blog) – Includes deeper conversations into topics and current items of interest for those of us who wish to live as people of faith in the challenging world of today. I welcome your input, comments and ideas about what you’d like to hear about. And I will be especially excited to hear what is working or not working for you. Here we will share some mindfulness about the way we take this walk of life. Join me on the Journey toward self-empowerment, self-love and all out bliss! Let’s practice together.

If you’re not sure how it works or whether this process is for you, please reach out to me for an initial, relaxed conversation.

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