Every Day is Resurrection Day

I dreamed everybody went to church anyway and it was OK. I went and I didn’t even know anybody else was going to be there! Because the truth is, we don’t have to actually go to a building. We can just hold Love in our hearts and voila! we are together!

On this day every year we sit in awe, grace and wonder as we remember the story of how Jesus rose from the dead and left behind a dark empty tomb. He did this to show us that physical death is not the end of Who We Are. He did this so we would know that we, too, live eternally. He showed us that we are The Beloved. What he did was an act of great love!

I truly believe that the Second Coming is the time when The Christ has awakened inside each of us and we all begin to live from that place of Divine Love. Perhaps that is what is happening now… Christ is rising from the dead and leaving behind the dark empty tomb that is so often inside each of us.

He told us that we are never alone. That must be what it means to “accept Christ into your heart.” I certainly do not believe that statement is a criteria or a test we must pass so the other humans think we’re doing it right! It means that we must be willing to receive the gift in order to receive the gift! It’s what needs to happen before you can feel Christ in your heart… Before you can feel like you’ll never be alone!

Jesus told us, “Greater things than I have done, you will do.” He said “Be not afraid” in so many ways. We are having a frightening global experience right now and we are learning about Love on a whole new level. Think about it… We are staying home, staying apart, isolated from all the other humans… We are doing everything we can so that we and they don’t get sick. That, my friends, is an act of great love! We shall overcome this darkness and rise again.

Be new today! And then be new tomorrow and the next day… Amen

Please try this at home.

How are you today? If you need somebody to talk to, please email or message me. We’re in this together and I’m right here.


  1. Rebecca Planer · April 12, 2020

    I remain in AWE at how well you write!    Loved the photo/message, too.


    • lilyphelps · April 12, 2020

      That means a lot coming from you! I had an entirely different post that had been ready for days, but for some reason I couldn’t hit SEND… Then I woke up this morning on fire with this short, powerful message. I love when that happens.


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